Want To Add Your Adult Child To Your Trucking Team? What Should You Know?

If you're an over-the-road trucker whose children have expressed some interest in following in your footsteps, you may be ecstatic to learn that your adult child is planning to join you on your next trip. While adding a member to your team can allow you to travel much further per day and handle more jobs than you'd ever be able to deal with on your own, ensuring your insurance policy is adequately equipped to handle a relatively new driver can be a challenge. Read on to learn more about what you'll want to know about your trucking insurance policy (and coverage) when adding your adult child as a driver. 

What will you need to do to add your child to your trucking insurance policy?

If you're an owner-operator of your own rig, you'll only need to contact your insurance agent and provide some of your child's personal information to make this change. However, if you lease your rig from a company, it's likely this insurance change will need to be made centrally, and in some cases, even approved by management (especially if they're going to have to absorb a portion of any increased insurance charges).

Is there anything you can do to lower the cost of adding your child to your insurance?

As long as your child has his or her commercial driver's license (CDL) and is planning to drive your rig, your insurance will need to be updated to include his or her information—and other than shopping around among various policy providers and ensuring your child maintains a clean driving record, there isn't always much you can do to lower the cost of insurance. Once your child has reached his or her mid-twenties, many of the age- and experience-related factors that can drive the cost of insurance up will have been eliminated, ensuring your child's insurance costs are no higher than your own.

However, many states will issue CDL permits prior to the driver taking (and passing) the written test; and because a permitted driver is allowed to drive only under the supervision of a CDL-licensed driver, you may not need to update your insurance policy to include your child until he or she has officially received a CDL. By allowing your child to "test-drive" the driving lifestyle for a few trips, you'll be able to ensure he or she has the aptitude and skills for this career while also eliminating the extra costs of having a teen or early twenty-something driver on your insurance policy.