How General Liability Insurance Can Protect Your Company Against Making Social Media Comments About Competitors

If you own a business, then you are going to have competition. Every business has to compete with another business. Unless your business is in the middle of nowhere and there is no competition.

For these reasons, you tend to see friendly competition. With social media in the mix, things can get out of control. Read on to find out how general liability insurance can protect your company against making social media comments about competitors.

Only Write About Your Business On Social Media Posts

Social media is a good way for businesses to connect with potential customers. It is also a free way to advertise your business. This platform makes it easier for you to respond to complaints and questions about your company. Interacting with your customers makes the public aware of your brand. It also shows your business in a positive light.

However, you can get in trouble when posting about other companies. Some business owners make a mistake of making competition personal. This leads to making harsh comments about another business. The company can see you for making the comments and say that it ruins their reputation. If the judge agrees, then you will have to pay damages. Many businesses cannot afford to pay damages to competitors. For these reasons, you must have a plan in place to cover these expenses.

Get Insured

General liability insurance covers the expenses that are related to non-employee incidents. It protects you against non-employee injuries that occur on your property, damages you cause to someone's property and covers any advertising mistakes. Furthermore, it covers you from lawsuits that come about from everyday business activities like interacting with customers.

Protect Your Company

This type of insurance protects you in every scenario. If you own a roofing company and a customer gets hurt because of your company's actions, then liability insurance covers any damages pursued by your customer. It would also cover you when making a negative comment about another roofing company on your Facebook page.

To get coverage, you have to contact an insurance agent that specializes in general liability insurance. You can choose to get a quote from several companies to find the best policy.

When starting a business, you have to think about every aspect of running your company. You are not going to always have extra money on hand to cover court expenses. However, insurance gives you that protection without having to take the money out of your bank account.